Circular economy 2.0

Project learning environment (PLE) is one of the operating methods of Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) and it is based on innovation pedagogy strategies.

PLE is based on problem-solving project work. All the assignments come from companies or RDI-projects and are related to circular economy.

Circular economy 2.0 (Kiertotalous 2.0) is one of the PLEs and it operates under the Circular Business Models research group of TUAS. The students work in small groups often under a student managing director, supported by mentors from the research group. Usually students are recruited to the teams for a longer time but at some cases they can join only for one project. Each student gets tasks based of their individual skills and interests, which they can do either on their own or in the group. Students also meet each other at regular basics in meetings. There work also international students in the Circular economy 2.0.

The opening of Circular Economy 2.0
Kiertotalous 2.0:n avajaiset

Where to find us?

Circular economy 2.o is situated at TUAS Lemminkäisenkatu campus (Lemminkäisenkatu 30, Turku). You will find us in 1st floor, room A160. Welcome!

You can also use the contact form to contact us.

What is circular economy 2.0?

Circular economy 2.0 refers to new international circular economy concept that includes not only natural and technical resources but also social aspects. Based on that model of thinking circular economy can work only after social durability have been brought to the same line with ecological and financial point of views. In the other words, circular economy 2.0 aims to effectively circulate both material and human resources.

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